BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 msp430.hStripped <msp430.h> header supporting Doxygen links
 ds3231.hChip data for Maxim DS3231 I2C RTC/TCXO/Crystal
 system.hPrototypes for BSP430 system enhancements to newlib
 bc2.hHardware presentation/abstraction for Basic Clock Module+ (BC2)
 cs.hHardware presentation/abstraction for Clock System (CS)
 cs4.hHardware presentation/abstraction for Clock System (CS) on FR4xx/2xx chips
 dma.hHardware presentation/abstraction for DMA (DMA/DMAX)
 eusci.hHardware presentation/abstraction for eUSCI
 flash.hHardware presentation/abstraction for flash memory peripheral (FLASH)
 fllplus.hHardware presentation/abstraction for FLL Plus (FLLPLUS)
 pmm.hHardware presentation/abstraction for Power Management Module (PMM)
 port.hHardware presentation/abstraction for Digital I/O Port (PORT#/PORT#_R)
 sys.hHardware presentation/abstraction for SYS peripheral (SYS)
 timer.hHardware presentation/abstraction for generic timers (Timer_A/Timer_B)
 ucs.hHardware presentation/abstraction for Unified Clock System (UCS)
 usci.hHardware presentation/abstraction for USCI_A/USCI_B on 2xx/4xx devices
 usci5.hHardware presentation/abstraction for USCI_A/USCI_B on 5xx/6xx devices
 want_.hTranslate functional resource requests to core resource requests
 bsp430_config.hBSP430 application and platform configuration directives
 standard.incCommon implementation of platform functions
 cc110x.hBSP430 HPL macros for signals corresponding to the CC1100, CC1101, CC110L, etc. radio interface
 cc1125.hBSP430 HPL macros for signals corresponding to the CC1125, CC1121, CC1120, etc. radio interface
 cc2520.hBSP430 HPL macros for signals corresponding to the CC2520 radio interface
 cc3000.hCC3000 Host Driver Interface for BSP430
 emk_bsp430_config.hBSP430 RFEM to EMK configuration directive mapping
 emk_platform.hEntrypoint for platform-specific capabilities
 rf.hRF Support
 rfem.hRF Evaluation Module connector support
 freertos.hBSP430 interface to FreeRTOS
 bmp180.hInterface to the Bosch Sensotec BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor or its predecessor BMP085
 hh10d.hInterface to Hope RF HH10D Humidity Sensor
 mcp9808.hInterface to the MCP9808 digital temperature sensor
 sht21.hInterface to the Sensirion SHT21 Digital Humidity Sensor or the Measurement Specialties HTU21D clone
 skytraq.hSensor-specific interface for SkyTraq Venus 6 GPS sensors
 utility.hMiscellaneous constants, macros, functions useful for sensor applications
 cli.hBasic support for command line processing
 console.hA generic console output capability
 eui64.hSupport for EUI-64 retrieval
 event.hSupport for recording timestamped and fact-of events
 gps.hStandardized interface for GPS sensors
 led.hSupport for platform-independent LED manipulation
 m25p.hSupport for M25P-compatible serial SPI flash memory devices
 onewire.hBasic support for 1-Wire(R) communications
 sharplcd.hInterface for Sharp Memory LCD displays
 tlv.hBasic support for MSP430 Tag-Length-Value device descriptors
 u8glib.hDeclarations related to platform-specific u8glib support
 unittest.hA unit test facility
 uptime.hSupport for maintaining a system uptime counter
 clock.hClock-related functions implemented on all MSP430 MCUs
 core.hCommon header included by all BSP430 leaf headers
 lpm.hSupport for low power mode execution
 periph.hGeneric peripheral support for MSP430 MCUs
 platform.hEntrypoint for platform-specific capabilities
 resource.hSupport for resource management in BSP430
 serial.hDeclarations for abstracted serial interface
 serial_.hStructures for abstracted serial interface