BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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utility Directory Reference


file  cli.h [code]
 Basic support for command line processing.
file  console.h [code]
 A generic console output capability.
file  eui64.h [code]
 Support for EUI-64 retrieval.
file  event.h [code]
 Support for recording timestamped and fact-of events.
file  gps.h [code]
 Standardized interface for GPS sensors.
file  led.h [code]
 Support for platform-independent LED manipulation.
file  m25p.h [code]
 Support for M25P-compatible serial SPI flash memory devices.
file  onewire.h [code]
 Basic support for 1-Wire(R) communications.
file  sharplcd.h [code]
 Interface for Sharp Memory LCD displays.
file  tlv.h [code]
 Basic support for MSP430 Tag-Length-Value device descriptors.
file  u8glib.h [code]
 Declarations related to platform-specific u8glib support.
file  unittest.h [code]
 A unit test facility.
file  uptime.h [code]
 Support for maintaining a system uptime counter.