BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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platform.h File Reference

Platform-specific include for EZ430-RF2500T More...

#include <bsp430/platform.h>

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#define BSP430_PLATFORM_RF2500T   1

Detailed Description

Platform-specific include for EZ430-RF2500T

The following platform-specific features are supported:

The RF2500T has a CC2500 radio built-in, with its chip select on P3.0. At power-up, the port registers may be set so that the CC2500 is receiving a low signal on that line, causing it to interfere with pull-ups on I2C devices that use USCI_B0. This platform reconfigures P3.0 to output high during vBSP430platformInitialize_ni().

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BSP430_PLATFORM_RF2500T   1

Unconditionally define this, so as to produce errors if there is a conflict in definition.