BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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platform.h File Reference

Platform-specific include for SuRF board. More...

#include <bsp430/utility/onewire.h>
#include <bsp430/platform.h>

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#define BSP430_PLATFORM_SURF   1
#define BSP430_CLOCK_NOMINAL_XT2CLK_HZ   26000000UL
#define configBSP430_PLATFORM_M25P   0
#define configBSP430_PLATFORM_SURF_DS1825   0


const sBSP430onewireBus xBSP430surfDS1825

Detailed Description

Platform-specific include for SuRF board.

The SuRF board was a development platform for the CC430F5137, produced by PeoplePower prior to their focus on a cloud-based software and mobile applications.

The following platform-specific features are supported:


Macro Definition Documentation

#define BSP430_CLOCK_NOMINAL_XT2CLK_HZ   26000000UL

SuRF has a 26MHz XT2 for the RF1A

#define BSP430_PLATFORM_SURF   1

Unconditionally define this, so as to produce errors if there is a conflict in definition.


Denote the version of the SuRF board that is being targetted.

  • A value of 0 indicates a Rev A board.
  • A value of 1 indicates a Rev B board.
  • A value of 2 indicates a Rev B2 board, which was the production version.
#define configBSP430_PLATFORM_M25P   0

Enable HPL support for on-board SPI flash

The SuRF board has a M25P10-A 1 Mib (128 kiB) serial flash from Micron on board. It uses USCI_B0 and has CSn on P1.7. PWR and RSTn are hard-wired. Defining this constant to a true value enables the HPL interface to port 1, SPI on USCI_B0, and provides constants for applications to use the flash.

#define configBSP430_PLATFORM_SURF_DS1825   0

Define to true to provide definitions for the DS1825 one-wire interface.

If true, this allocates the port HAL required to interact with the DS1825 temperature sensor on P3.7 and adds the declaration for xBSP430surfDS1825.

The value here is superseded by previously encountered definitions.

Variable Documentation

const sBSP430onewireBus xBSP430surfDS1825

The 1-Wire(R) interface for the DS1825 temperature sensor.