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Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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BSP430 Board Support Package for MSP430 Microcontrollers

Table of Contents

BSP430 is a set of C language adaptation layers simplifying cross-MCU library and application development on Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers.

The target audience is experienced embedded systems developers who need full control over the microcontroller but are willing to trade a small amount of performance for improved component re-usability and rapid prototyping.

BSP430 features:

BSP430 is released as open source under the BSD-3-Clause license.

For further details, please see the Background, Philosophy, Coding Style, and Maintenance pages.

The project page is at Releases can be obtained by cloning the git repository:

git clone git://

or by downloading a tar file of the latest stable source release.

Information on specific releases is available in Release Notes and API Changes.

Please file support requests and bug reports on the issue tracker.

Capabilities Currently Supported

Hardware Platforms Currently Supported

Useful External Libraries

embtextf (Embedded System Text Formatting)

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BSP430 was initially developed using the MSPGCC toolchain, a port of the GNU compiler collection to the MSP430. The msp430-libc library that is part of this toolchain includes a space-efficient formatting print capability compatible with C's printf(3c) functionality using a callback that allows it to output to an application-provided location (a memory buffer, a serial console, an LCD screen, etc.). Subsequently those capabilities have been extracted, refactored, and extended as the embtextf library, making the same features available to Code Composer Studio and other toolchains that do not have an efficient generic formatted print capability. These functions are used in <bsp430/utility/console.h> by defining BSP430_CONSOLE_USE_EMBTEXTF, which is enabled by the default when EMBTEXTF_ROOT is defined for use by ${BSP430_ROOT}/make/Makefile.common.

CC3000 (SimpleLinkā„¢ Wi-Fi Module)

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This library provides a microcontroller API to the Texas Instruments CC3000, an 802.11 wireless network interface. The content is from TI's host driver, but has been repackaged to make it easier to share among applications and to reduce include file namespace collisions. The library as validated in BSP430 is available in a github repository.

u8glib (Graphics for Embedded Systems)

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This library is a general-purpose graphics library supporting liquid crystal displays (LCDs) commonly used on embedded platforms. It provides a variety of fonts as well as graphical elements. The library as validated in BSP430 is available in a github repository.

FatFs (FAT file system)

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This library is a generic FAT file system module for embedded systems. The library as validated in BSP430 is available in a github repository.

Provided Examples

Value-Added Utility Examples


Bootstrap Support Programs

The following examples lead you through the basic capabilities of BSP430, following the same path that you would use if you were adding support for a new platform.

Copyright 2012-2014, Peter A. Bigot