BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430tlvTable5xx Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/utility/tlv.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char info_len_lg2
unsigned char crc_len_lg2
unsigned int crc
unsigned int device_id
unsigned char firmware_revision
unsigned char hardware_revision
union {
   unsigned int   words [1]
   sBSP430tlvEntry   entry

Detailed Description

The complete device descriptor table including the header, as supported on 5xx/6xx/FR5xx devices. The address of sBSP430tlvTable5::entry is available as TLV_START in the MCU header, and can be read from memory at address 0x0FF4.

Field Documentation

unsigned int sBSP430tlvTable5xx::crc

The reversed-bit CRC-CCIT value over the information in the table.

unsigned char sBSP430tlvTable5xx::crc_len_lg2

Apparently the length of the region covered by the CRC, as an exponent of 2, in units of 32-bit words, and rounded up.

unsigned int sBSP430tlvTable5xx::device_id

A device identifier of some sort, not documented by TI

sBSP430tlvEntry sBSP430tlvTable5xx::entry

First entry in the table

unsigned char sBSP430tlvTable5xx::firmware_revision

A firmware revision of some sort, not documented by TI

unsigned char sBSP430tlvTable5xx::hardware_revision

A hardware revision of some sort, not documented by TI

unsigned char sBSP430tlvTable5xx::info_len_lg2

Length of the table as an exponent of 2 and units of 32-bit words. Use 4 << info_len_lg2 to get the total length of the table.

unsigned int sBSP430tlvTable5xx::words[1]

Table access as a sequence of words

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