BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430timerPulseCapture Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/periph/timer.h>

Data Fields

sBSP430halISRIndexedChainNode cb
hBSP430halTIMER hal
int ccidx
unsigned int ccis
iBSP430timerPulseCaptureCallback_ni callback_ni
volatile unsigned int flags_ni
volatile unsigned long start_tt_ni
volatile unsigned long end_tt_ni

Detailed Description

Structure containing data related to measuring the duration of a pulse.

Field Documentation

iBSP430timerPulseCaptureCallback_ni sBSP430timerPulseCapture::callback_ni

Callback invoked on overflow and optionally on start and end captures. This may be a null pointer if callbacks are not required.

sBSP430halISRIndexedChainNode sBSP430timerPulseCapture::cb

Structure to hook callback into timer interrupt chain. This must be the first field in the structure.

int sBSP430timerPulseCapture::ccidx

Capture/compare index on hal used for pulse captures.

unsigned int sBSP430timerPulseCapture::ccis

Capture/compare index selector used for pulse captures. This is the CCIS0|CCIS1 setting.

volatile unsigned long sBSP430timerPulseCapture::end_tt_ni

The pulse end time from the underlying clock. The content is valid only if BSP430_TIMER_PULSECAP_END_VALID is set in flags.

volatile unsigned int sBSP430timerPulseCapture::flags_ni

Flags indicating validity and configuration information.

This field must be treated as not interrupt-able while the pulse capture is enabled. I.e., its contents should be inspected and mutated only while interrupts are disabled.
hBSP430halTIMER sBSP430timerPulseCapture::hal

Handle for the timer HAL used for pulse captures

volatile unsigned long sBSP430timerPulseCapture::start_tt_ni

The pulse start time from the underlying clock. The content is valid only if BSP430_TIMER_PULSECAP_START_VALID is set in flags_ni.

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