BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430resource Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/resource.h>

Data Fields

void *volatile holder
unsigned int volatile count
struct sBSP430resourceWaiter *volatile waiter

Detailed Description

Structure holding mutual exclusion data associated with some system resource.

Each resource structure should be initialized to all zeros prior to any possible reference to it.

Field Documentation

unsigned int volatile sBSP430resource::count

The number of times the current holder has claimed the resource minus the number of times it has released the resource. A non-zero value indicates that the resource is held.

void* volatile sBSP430resource::holder

The identifier associated with whatever subsystem is holding this resource. This is the self parameter in a successful iBSP430resourceClaim_ni() call.

struct sBSP430resourceWaiter* volatile sBSP430resource::waiter

Pointer to a sequence of records identifying subsystems that wish to be notified when the resource is released. These are maintained in priority order, influenced by eBSP430resourceWait.

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