BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430resourceWaiter Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/resource.h>

Data Fields

iBSP430resourceWaitCallback_ni callback_ni
const void * context
struct sBSP430resourceWaiter *volatile next

Detailed Description

Structure registering a subsystem that needs to be informed when a resource is released.

Field Documentation

iBSP430resourceWaitCallback_ni sBSP430resourceWaiter::callback_ni

The function called by iBSP430resourceRelease_ni()

const void* sBSP430resourceWaiter::context

Any additional information of value to the callback_ni function. Examples might be a pointer to sBSP430resourceReleaseFlag if callback_ni is iBSP430resourceSetFlagOnRelease(), or a pointer to the subsystem requesting the resource if callback_ni will attempt to invoke iBSP430resourceClaim_ni().

struct sBSP430resourceWaiter* volatile sBSP430resourceWaiter::next

The next waiting subsystem in decreasing priority order.

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