BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16 Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/periph/port.h>

Data Fields

uBSP430hplPORT_16 in
uBSP430hplPORT_16 out
uBSP430hplPORT_16 dir
uBSP430hplPORT_16 ren
uBSP430hplPORT_16 ds
union {
   uBSP430hplPORT_16   sel
   uBSP430hplPORT_16   sel0
uBSP430hplPORT_16 sel1
unsigned int _reserved_x0E
unsigned int _reserved_x10
unsigned int _reserved_x12
unsigned int _reserved_x14
uBSP430hplPORT_16 selc
uBSP430hplPORT_16 ies
uBSP430hplPORT_16 ie
uBSP430hplPORT_16 ifg

Detailed Description

Layout for 5xx family ports, 16-bit access

Field Documentation

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::dir

PxDIR (set for output)

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::ds

PxDS (drive select, some devices)

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::ie


uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::ies


uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::ifg


uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::in


uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::out


uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::ren

PxREN (set to enable)

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::sel

PxSEL (non-FR5xx devices)

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::sel0

PxSEL0 (FR5xx devices)

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::sel1

PxSEL1 (secondary/tertiary function, FR5xx devices only)

uBSP430hplPORT_16 sBSP430hplPORT_5XX_16::selc

PxSELC (support atomic transition to tertiary function, FR5xx devices only)

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