BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
uBSP430eui64::as48 Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/utility/eui64.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t oui [3]
uint8_t label [2]
uint8_t extension_id [3]

Detailed Description

The EUI-64 broken down into components as derived from an underlying 48-bit value (EUI-48 or MAC-48).

Field Documentation

uint8_t uBSP430eui64::as48::extension_id[3]

The manufacturer-assigned extension identifier

uint8_t uBSP430eui64::as48::label[2]

A label indicating how the value was derived from a 48-bit value (FF FF from MAC-48, FF FE from EUI-48).

uint8_t uBSP430eui64::as48::oui[3]

The 24-bit Organizationally Unique Identifier

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