BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/sensors/skytraq.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t mid
uint8_t fix_mode
uint8_t nsv
uint16_t gps_week_be
uint32_t gps_tow_cs_be
int32_t lat_xdeg_be
int32_t lon_xdeg_be
uint32_t ell_alt_cm_be
uint32_t msl_alt_cm_be
uint16_t gdop_pc_be
uint16_t pdop_pc_be
uint16_t hdop_pc_be
uint16_t vdop_pc_be
uint16_t tdop_pc_be
int32_t ecef_x_cm_be
int32_t ecef_y_cm_be
int32_t ecef_z_cm_be
int32_t ecef_vx_cm_be
int32_t ecef_vy_cm_be
int32_t ecef_vz_cm_be

Detailed Description

This is a response message which provides data of user navigation solution.


Field Documentation

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ecef_vx_cm_be

ECEF X velocity, cm/s

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ecef_vy_cm_be

ECEF Y velocity, cm/s

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ecef_vz_cm_be

ECEF Z velocity, cm/s

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ecef_x_cm_be

ECEF X coordinate, cm

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ecef_y_cm_be

ECEF Y coordinate, cm

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ecef_z_cm_be

ECEF Z coordinate, cm

uint32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::ell_alt_cm_be

Ellipsoid altitude, cm

uint8_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::fix_mode

Fix mode: 0: no fix, 1: 2D, 2: 3D, 3: 3D+DGPS

uint16_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::gdop_pc_be

Geometric dilution of precision, percent

uint32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::gps_tow_cs_be

GPS time of week, sec * 100

uint16_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::gps_week_be

GPS week number

uint16_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::hdop_pc_be

Horizontal dilution of precision, percent

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::lat_xdeg_be

Pos N latitude, deg * 10^7

int32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::lon_xdeg_be

Pos E longitude, deg * 10^7

uint8_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::mid
uint32_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::msl_alt_cm_be

Mean Sea Level altitude, cm

uint8_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::nsv

Number of SV in fix

uint16_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::pdop_pc_be

Position dilution of precision, percent

uint16_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::tdop_pc_be

Time dilution of precision, percent

uint16_t sSkyTraqMsgOut_NAV_DATA::vdop_pc_be

Vertical dilution of precision, percent

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