BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sDS3231registers Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/chips/ds3231.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t seconds
uint8_t minutes
uint8_t hours
uint8_t dow
uint8_t dom
uint8_t mon_cen
uint8_t year
uint8_t alrm1_sec
uint8_t alrm1_min
uint8_t alrm1_hr
uint8_t alrm1_doa
uint8_t alrm2_min
uint8_t alrm2_hr
uint8_t alrm2_doa
uint8_t ctrl
uint8_t stat
uint8_t aging
uint8_t temp_msb
uint8_t temp_lsb

Detailed Description

DS3231 register map

Field Documentation

uint8_t sDS3231registers::aging

0x10 Aging offset

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm1_doa

0x0A Alarm1 day/date (BCD plus), A1M4

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm1_hr

0x09 Alarm1 hours (BCD plus), A1M3

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm1_min

0x08 Alarm1 minutes (BCD), A1M2

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm1_sec

0x07 Alarm1 seconds (BCD), A1M1

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm2_doa

0x0D Alarm2 date/date (BCD plus), A2M4

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm2_hr

0x0C Alarm2 hours (BCD plus), A2M3

uint8_t sDS3231registers::alrm2_min

0x0B Alarm2 minutes (BCD), A2M2

uint8_t sDS3231registers::ctrl

0x0E Control bits

uint8_t sDS3231registers::dom

0x04 Date (day of month) (1-31) (BCD)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::dow

0x03 Day of week (1-7)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::hours

0x02 Hours (0-23) (BCD plus)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::minutes

0x01 Minutes (0-59) (BCD)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::mon_cen

0x05 Month (BCD), plus century past 1900

uint8_t sDS3231registers::seconds

0x00 Seconds (0-59) (BCD)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::stat

0x0F Control/status bits

uint8_t sDS3231registers::temp_lsb

0x12 LSB of temperature (C/256)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::temp_msb

0x11 MSB of temperature (C/256)

uint8_t sDS3231registers::year

0x06 Year within century (BCD)

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