BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430uptimeActivityTotals Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/utility/uptime.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long long awake_utt
unsigned long long sleep_utt
unsigned long sleeps
unsigned long last_wake_utt
unsigned long last_sleep_utt

Detailed Description

A structure to record the relative levels of activity and sleep.

Primarily this can be used to calculate the duty cycle of an application. This infrastructure assumes that the uptime clock runs continuously, including in sleep mode, and that no active or sleep period exceeds the duration representable in an unsigned long.

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Field Documentation

unsigned long long sBSP430uptimeActivityTotals::awake_utt

Cumulative number of uptime ticks spent in active mode.

unsigned long sBSP430uptimeActivityTotals::last_sleep_utt

The uptime clock when the system last entered low-power mode.

unsigned long sBSP430uptimeActivityTotals::last_wake_utt

The uptime clock when the system last came out of low-power mode.

unsigned long long sBSP430uptimeActivityTotals::sleep_utt

Cumulative number of uptime ticks spent in low-power mode.

unsigned long sBSP430uptimeActivityTotals::sleeps

Number of times low-power mode has been entered.

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