BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430sharplcd Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/utility/sharplcd.h>

Data Fields

volatile sBSP430hplPORTcs
volatile sBSP430hplPORTlcd_en
volatile sBSP430hplPORTpwr_en
hBSP430halSERIAL spi
unsigned int lines
unsigned int columns
unsigned int line_size
uint8_t cs_bit
uint8_t lcd_en_bit
uint8_t pwr_en_bit
uint8_t vcom_state_

Detailed Description

A structure holding resource references and state required to manipulate a Sharp Memory LCD.

Field Documentation

unsigned int sBSP430sharplcd::columns

Display width in pixels

volatile sBSP430hplPORT* sBSP430sharplcd::cs

Port that controls chip-select

uint8_t sBSP430sharplcd::cs_bit

Bit in cs to control chip select

volatile sBSP430hplPORT* sBSP430sharplcd::lcd_en

Port that controls LCD enable

uint8_t sBSP430sharplcd::lcd_en_bit

Bit in lcd_en to control LCD enable

unsigned int sBSP430sharplcd::line_size

Number of bytes in each line

unsigned int sBSP430sharplcd::lines

Display height in pixels

volatile sBSP430hplPORT* sBSP430sharplcd::pwr_en

Port that controls power enable

uint8_t sBSP430sharplcd::pwr_en_bit

Bit in pwr_en to control power enable

hBSP430halSERIAL sBSP430sharplcd::spi

SPI device handle

uint8_t sBSP430sharplcd::vcom_state_

INTERNAL Last configured VCOM state

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