BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430sensorsBMP180sample Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/sensors/bmp180.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t pressure_uncomp
int32_t pressure_Pa
uint16_t temperature_uncomp
int16_t temperature_dK
uint8_t oversampling

Detailed Description

Data defining a BMP180 sample

Field Documentation

uint8_t sBSP430sensorsBMP180sample::oversampling

The oversampling setting: an integer from 0 to 3 inclusive. For value n, 2^n internal samples are combined to produce the final sample.

int32_t sBSP430sensorsBMP180sample::pressure_Pa

The absolute pressure, in Pascals, calculated from pressure_uncomp and the calibration constants.

uint32_t sBSP430sensorsBMP180sample::pressure_uncomp

The raw uncompensated pressure provided by the device.

int16_t sBSP430sensorsBMP180sample::temperature_dK

The corrected temperature, in tenths of a degree Kelvin. (The value will never be negative, but is represented in a signed type to simplify temperature difference calculations.)

uint16_t sBSP430sensorsBMP180sample::temperature_uncomp

The raw uncompensated temperatures provided by the device.

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