BSP430  20141115
Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Data Fields
sBSP430cliCompletionData Struct Reference

#include <bsp430/utility/cli.h>

Data Fields

const char * command
size_t command_len
const sBSP430cliCommandcommand_set
const char ** returned_candidates
size_t max_returned_candidates
size_t ncandidates
const char * append
size_t append_len

Detailed Description

Data structure used to communicate between user applications and the command completion infrastructure.

This is a parameter to iBSP430cliCommandCompletion().

Field Documentation

const char* sBSP430cliCompletionData::append

A pointer to the text to be appended. If this is null, completion failed to identify data to append to the command. Otherwise this will be a reference to a position in one of the keys in command_set or a non-command completion string.

size_t sBSP430cliCompletionData::append_len

The number of characters to be appended, when the completion is not unique. This value is valid only when append is not a null pointer.

const char* sBSP430cliCompletionData::command

The command that is to be completed. On the initial call to iBSP430cliCommandCompletion() this should be NUL terminated, and the length will be stored in command_len. During execution command and command_len will be updated as leading commands are stripped off.

size_t sBSP430cliCompletionData::command_len

The number of valid characters at command

const sBSP430cliCommand* sBSP430cliCompletionData::command_set

The set of commands against which completion is performed. This is the set corresponding to the first token in command, which is parsed to reach the completion point using the same process as when attempting to execute the command. command_set is ignored once the first command has been resolved.

size_t sBSP430cliCompletionData::max_returned_candidates

Maximum number of elements that can be placed in candidatesp.

size_t sBSP430cliCompletionData::ncandidates

Returned total number of candidates identified

const char** sBSP430cliCompletionData::returned_candidates

Pointer to where the user wants candidate completion text returned. A null value indicates candidate completions will not be returned to the user. When used internally, the pointer must not be null: the module will provide a temporary buffer in this case.

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